School Documents

Bullying Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect students from bullying and to respond appropriately when bullying does occur.

Behaviour Management Policy

All staff in their duty of care to students.

Child Protection Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide written processes about – 

(a) how the school will respond to harm, or allegations of harm, to students under 18 years; and
(b) the appropriate conduct of the school’s staff and students.

Child Risk Management Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to eliminate and minimise risk to student safety to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students. 

Disability Discrimination Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect students with a disability or students who have an associate with a disability from unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation based on that disability.

Privacy Policy

The Cairns Hinterland Steiner School is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. This statement outlines the privacy policy of the school and describes how the school uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it. 

Complaints Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student, parent and employee complaints and disputes are dealt with in a responsive, efficient, effective, and fair way. 

Complaints Handling Procedure

To provide a process for the effective management and resolution of concerns, disagreements or complaints that may arise between members of the Cairns Hinterland Steiner School and its associated stakeholders. 

To facilitate a school climate where all stakeholders feel they can voice concerns and those concerns will be heard and dealt with fairly and expeditiously using a transparent and consistent process. 

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